Car Rental: Pickup at the Airport Or in City?

Car keysWhen traveling to a different city, it’s the smartest idea to rent a car for all your travels. Relying on public transportation or rides from friends and family can be a nuisance, so the best (and most convenient) option will always be to rent a personal vehicle.

While renting a car is a good call, a lot of clients are confused about whether they should schedule an airport pick up or just take it from within the city. If you are stuck in the same dilemma, keep reading to find out the advantages both locations offer.

Pickup from the Airport

Easy Pickup

This is kind of a no-brainer. If you get your rental car at the airport itself, you don’t have to drive to another location to pick up the car. It also helps you save up on expensive taxi rides from the airport. All you have to do is arrive at the airport, pick your car and drive off to your hotel or home!

Safer Option

If you’re new to a city, chances are you don’t know too much about how public transportation and ride sharing works. The last thing you want to do is sit in a car or bus with your luggage and risk losing your valuables. It’s all too common for tourists to be easy targets of mugging, so a personal car can help you avoid that risk significantly.

Larger Selection

It’s common knowledge that rental companies have a larger fleet available for customers when they opt for airport pickup. This could play to your advantage if you’re picky! You get to choose the best ride for yourself.

Pickup from City Location

Hotel sign.Extra Charges

In the US and several other countries, airport pickups cost a premium fee. The convenience comes with a price tag, which could be a bit over your budget. Most rental companies won’t offer you the same surcharge if you pick the car up from their inner city locations.

Closer to Hotel

Most rental companies expect you to drop your car off at the same venue where you picked it up from. If you plan to depart from a different hotel or will be heading off on a road trip, drop off can be incredibly inconvenient. Opting for a rental near where you live means you can drop your rental car off at a moment’s notice and won’t need to plan beforehand.

Book for Fewer Days

Even people who are out and about for vacations need rest days. When you pick an inner-city location, you can return your car for the few days that it won’t be needed, which can save you money!

What to Choose?

Both locations have their own pros and cons. However, the best way to determine which one works best is to compare prices and see how the pick-up location fits in your travel schedule. And if you pick a reliable car rental service like, you’ll be accommodated no matter what location you choose!

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Renting a Car When You Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand CanyonA trip to the Grand Canyon is an absolute must if you live or are visiting the US. The site is one of the most studied landscapes in the world and hosts nearly 5.9 million tourists every year!

So, if you’re planning on paying a visit to the Grand Canyon, it would be best to rent a car and make a road trip out of it. Not sure why? Here are some compelling reasons that will help you make the right decision!

A Great View of Arizona

When you reach Phoenix Airport, the trip to The Grand Canyon is nearly 3 hours and 40 minutes long. However, using this opportunity to get a closer look at the scenic sights of Arizona would make for a memorable road trip.

When driving to The Grand Canyon, you can take the historic Route 66 and get to see a lot of lovely sights near and dear to Arizona along the way. It’s way better than simply going on a straight route all the way to your final destination. This way, you get to make more memories on your trip.

Places You Can Access

When you get to The Grand Canyon, chances are it’s going to have a lot of people, and you might not be able to bask in the mighty glory of the majestic view before you. That’s where your rental car can come and rescue you and take you to some amazing drives only accessible with a private car.

Route 67

This route is located on the North Rim and is an approximately 30-mile drive through The Grand Canyon National Park. As you drive by, you’ll bear witness to stunning sights of nature and wild animals, which aren’t as easy to view from the main attraction.

Desert View Drive

Sunrise at South RimThe Desert View Drive is incredibly popular with tourists driving along their way to The Grand Canyon. It’s located on the South Rim of the canyon and is around 23 miles long, and has several stops in between. Each stop brings you in close view with the scenery and sights over the Colorado River. Made for sight-seeing, it’s open to tourists year-round and even has picnic set ups for families!

Cape Royal Drive

The southernmost view of the North Rim, Cape Royal Drive, is an amazing drive that overlooks the beautiful views of the North Rim. If you’re looking to skip the hustle and bustle of the main area and still get a close look at the scenic views, then this is the ideal route for you. There are even spots designated for tourists to stop and take stunning photographs!


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Traveling Safely During the Pandemic

With millions of people affected by the pandemic, life has come to a standstill for many. But not everyone can afford to stay back as their job requires them to move, often from one state to another. The CDC has provided detailed guidelines along with many local authorities dictating terms and conditions to enable people to travel.

forest-area-roadWear A Mask

Whether you’re traveling by your own vehicle, a rental or through public transport, wearing a mask over your nose and face is required. In some places, you might even be legally requested to put one on and refusal to comply may lead to action against you.

Woman wearing a mask at an airportDifferent states and legislations may have their own requirements and conditions, so it’s recommended that you look into those before you depart. People that are fully vaccinated are also required to keep a mask on to contain the spread of the virus.

Testing and Quarantine

Before you depart, it’s recommended that you get a viral test to ensure you’re not carrying anything contagious. At least one to a maximum of 3 days before leaving is recommended for the test. Once you reach your destination, another viral test is recommended, along with 7 days of quarantine. In case you’re around other ill people, it’s best to quarantine for 10 to 14 days.

People who test negative are also required to quarantine and follow SOPs accordingly. Anyone testing positive must quarantine for 14 days properly.

Stock Properly

If you’re traveling by your own conveyance, it’s important that you stock up properly on supplies. Food, fuel and water will be your main priorities, and it’s best to keep a proper amount on you. It will help limit the number of stops that you take at a gas station. As countless people visit gas stations every day, the chances of contracting an infection or illness are very high.

The same principle applies to any fast food joints. The goal is to limit interaction as much as possible to contain the spread.

Other Precautions

Any sanitary supplies such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants should be at hand during the trip. It’s optimal to clean any parts of the vehicle that you and others are regularly in contact with. Make sure to clean your hands before and after any trip. Keeping the windows down is a good idea as it helps with ventilation and stops any viruses from being trapped inside.

If you’re planning to travel to cities like Orlando, Huntsville, Chicago, Santa Barbara, and Sacramento, it would be wise to have a rental car as these are generally well-maintained for longer trips. Rental companies are helping ensure that SOPs are followed and proper care is being taken to maintain travel during the pandemic.

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