Car Rental Pick Up and Drop off Tips You Need to Know

Cars in a row.Rental companies have made acquiring cars in your moment of need a breeze! Whether it’s a road trip or a busy week where you need to rely on private transportation, rental cars are a great way to get the job done without spending a fortune on buying or leasing a vehicle.

If it’s your first time navigating car rentals, here are some quick and easy tips that can boost your rental car pick-up and drop-off etiquettes!

Take All the Essentials

The last thing you want is to get to the rental company and realize you forgot an essential document! Make a quick checklist of all the things you need to bring along with you. Although it depends on individual rental companies, here are some things expected of you when you go to pick up your car.

  • Driver’s license
  • ID card or passport for identification purposes
  • Credit card for any pending payments if it hasn’t been covered already

Although these are the basics, check the terms and conditions or give the rental company a call beforehand to ensure you have everything you may need!

Get Your Ideal Car

Spacious car.Depending on the reason you’re getting a car, it’s best to get one that best suits your need. Prioritize space and comfort if you’re looking to rent a car for a road trip. Or if you’re getting one to run a week worth of errands, maybe a car with extra mileage would work better!

Don’t skimp out on getting a good car, since that could make or break your rental car experience. You can always haggle on price or ask the rental company representative if they have any ongoing discounts that you could avail.

Be Clear On Charges

Hidden charges are the most inconvenient thing for a renter. But more often than not, these charges aren’t really hidden. Most customers just don’t do their research or ask relevant questions!

Find out how much the deposit is and also understand the fuel policy before you take your car back. Most car rentals have a full to full fuel policy, which means you can’t return the car with an empty tank, or they might charge you for it. Also, find out if you have a mileage limit, since exceeding that could also incur charges. The more prepped you are with questions, the less likely it is for you to walk in on extra charges when you drop the car off at the rental company.

Read the Rental Agreement

Rental agreements are set in place to protect both the company and the customer, which is why it is crucial to sit down, take your time and read the agreement properly. You can even highlight parts you don’t understand and have them be explained to you. It may seem like an extra step, but it is imperative to know what you are signing.

Now that you’re all set on the pick-up and drop-off rules, get in touch with us at to get your hands on the cheap car rentals in Houston.

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4 Options to Look Out for When Picking A Rental Car

Choosing a rental car can be a difficult option, especially with the plethora of options out there. A single provider can make picking a package and a vehicle tedious, and then you have different companies to compare from. Here’s how you can narrow your options down and have a great time knowing you made the right choice that serves you well:

Rear seat view of carThe Size Factor

Why would anyone want to pick a smaller car in the first place? The answers are fairly simple. Larger vehicles take up more fuel, and because of their bigger size, they can be particularly hard to maneuver in some parts of the world. If you’re traveling with more than 4 people, you’d obviously have to take the trade-off for more people in the vehicle over some driving ease.

If you’re in an area with narrow roads and have difficulty finding suitable parking spots, a smaller vehicle could be the right option for you.


Rental car companies often offer a wide variety of upgrades on your current vehicle. These bump up the charges a little, but in various scenarios, they can be extremely handy. Common options include roof racks, booster seats, child seats and snow chains. For those that require any of these upgrades, they are helpful in difficult situations.

Make sure to discuss what upgrades your rental provider has and if you may require those on your trip.

Policies and Conditions

Rental companies don’t just let you take a vehicle and drive it around like it’s your own. Remember, they need it back in one piece, so they have terms and conditions set up which help ensure nothing goes wrong.

For example, most rental car companies have a full tank at return policy, where they expect you to return the vehicle with the tank completely full. They also provide you the tank filled up as well for your convenience. Some also prohibit people from smoking, with various charges if you fail to do so.


Between different rental companies, rates may vary drastically depending on various factors. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean the best service, and your goal is to go with the most positive reviews and benefits at a reasonable price. Better insured and well-maintained cars rack up a fair bill, so these services often charge more.

Other factors to pay attention to are the particular days you’re acquiring the vehicle, as rates are significantly higher on weekends and holidays as demand is through the roof. A larger vehicle is most certainly more expensive to rent out as well.

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4 Must Visit Places in The United States

With a country as big as the States, it can get overwhelming to decide where you should visit. The goal is to find a select few that offer bang for your buck and a lot of variety. Here’s a list of some of the unique places in the US that should be the top ones on your travel list:


When you think of Miami, you think of the warm summer sun on a windy day at the beach or the strong Latin culture spread across its various cityscape and cuisine. From its Miami Vice-Esque views of Ocean Drive, the city has it all, especially a great variety of restaurants with their unique takes on the classics. One can enjoy the incredible arts and crafts scene spread across the city, with many museums and graffiti art sprawled on the walls.

Aerial view of MiamiMake sure you’ve got an auto car rental service booked, so you don’t stay stagnant in The Magic City.

San Francisco

When you say diversity, the city of San Francisco comes to mind. Each neighborhood brings its own unique culture to the area, making it an exceptional experience altogether, from high-rise commercial complexes to more laid back, homey designs. Beyond the typical regional food, you can find unique offerings of seafood like no other.

When you’ve had your iconic Golden Gate Bridge snap and seen the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, hop into a rental car to explore the city’s many museums, landmarks, and marketplace to get a real feel for Fran’s offerings.

Los Angeles

Listing everything that LA has to offer is an exhaustive effort. There’s practically everything in the City of Angels for you to enjoy. Incredible cuisine, ranging from local to international delicacies? Check. Some of the best entertainment areas, such as Universal Studios and the Santa Monica Pier, should definitely be on your list, along with the elusive Griffith Observatory awaiting your visit.

It’s recommended that you have transport when in LA, such as a car rental services in Los Angeles, because there will be a lot of traveling with so many places to visit that you don’t want to miss out on.


Come for the delicious cheesesteak; stay for the beautiful views. Philadelphia’s got a rep for its cuisine, and fair enough, it does live up to its name. But what’s often overlooked is the rich history, especially with regards to American politics; buildings of great historical significance are spread all over the city.

The high-rise cityscape of PhiladelphiaIt’s not all sightseeing, as the City of Brotherly Love also loves its fair share of arts and culture. Check out the various museums, theatres, and cinemas that Philly takes great pride in.

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