See the Rainbow of Diversity on These 5 American Beaches

Ready to soak up some sun? Summers are the best time to hit the beach. More often than not, gay travelers are compelled to analyze LGBTQIA+ populations, legal protection for LGBT individuals, travel costs, and the freedom to do things together.

But not this summer because we’re suggesting states that are travel havens for LGBTQIA+ travelers.

So pack your bags for some LGBTQIA+ friendly beach towns:


Los Angeles

Los Angeles is much more than a single metropolis; it’s the world’s leading LGBTQIA+ destination.

El Matador, Malibu

The El Matador state beach is the perfect beach for photoshoots, bodysurfing, and bodyboarding. It’s also renown as a nudist beach that’s surrounded by sea caves.

Pacific Palisades

The Will Rogers State Beach is a historic park created in 1994, but ever since the 1960s, it has become an unofficial gay beach located north of Santa Monica. It’s the perfect beach for swimming and sunbathing.

A beach

San Diego

San Diego is the oldest and most popular nude beach city amongst gay travelers in the United States.

Black’s Beach, La Jolla

This beach is known to be the most famous public nude beach in all of America. A number of animals such as dolphins, seals, and stingrays make an appearance offshore. There’s a designated LGBTQIA+ section on this beach.

San Francisco

The city is known to have the highest LGBTQIA+ population, and for this reason, it’s known as the LGBTQIA+ travel hotspot that has been nicknamed as ‘the gay capital of the world.’ There are quite a few interesting gay bars in town too.


Baker Beach is known for its mesmerizing view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin headlands. The beach’s northern end is crowded with sun worshippers and nude bathers who set sail to cruising. It’s the perfect balance of gorgeous coastline and gay culture.

New York (NYC)

New York is the third most fun state in the United States of America. It has about 5.1 percent of the total LGBTQIA+ population with over 270,000 self-identifying gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals and 50,000 trans folks.

Fire Island

The fire Island is one of the most iconic gay beach destinations in New York, where all the pretty boys come to the party. It’s five kilometers off the coast of Long Island and has quite the reputation for being a nudist-friendly beach near the shore. It consists of two regions, the Pines and the Cherry Grove, both known for holding LGBTQIA+ friendly events parties up until dawn. The stretch of land behind the beach has delicious seafood restaurants and a heavily trafficked cruising spot.

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