Mask and COVID-19

Renting A Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mask and COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made Americans dubious when considering car rental bookings. Now that the lockdown has ended, a majority of people are returning to traveling, but this time safety is their top priority.

Travelers now prefer regional and domestic trips in cars rather than enclosed airplane cabins due to social distancing factors. Let’s consider a few factors before hitting the road in a rental car:

Are rental cars clean and safe?

The overall risk of the car itself is significantly low since it’s an inanimate object. But it’s best not to touch your face, especially the eyes, mouth, and nose, after touching the car as a particular area that was previously contaminated may not have been wiped down properly.

The risk increases if there’s a potential rider in the vehicle who may have been infected. So, if you’re headed on a business trip with fellow passengers, you should probably keep the mask on.


What precautions do I take?

Well, almost all car rental companies have issued new cleaning policies themselves stating that the vehicle will be disinfected prior to handover. So, in addition to vacuuming and wipe-down, you can expect that all critical areas were hit with a sanitizer.

This includes the key, key fob, cupholder, steering wheel, center console, seat surfaces, dashboard, instrument and accessory panels, door handles, and other high-touch areas in the vehicle’s interiors and exteriors. A number of car rental companies now provide antibacterial gel, mask, disinfecting wipes, and gloves free of cost, while others may charge you for providing these additional items.

But if you want to be extra sure, you can disinfect the region most susceptible to virus transmission by hands with some disinfectant wipes, such as the window buttons, armrests, and dashboard, and back yourself up with some good hand hygiene.

Can I question the car rental cleaning policy?

Of course, you can! From the products used to the frequency of use, you can ask all that pertains to the COVID-19 specific protocols.

You can also ask for paperwork to see when the car was last turned in; typically, the longer the timeframe, the lesser the chances of infectious particles remaining in the vehicle.

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