“Must-Know” Traffic Rules in the USA

By Rent Car L A

Published by rentalcars1.com on May 17, 2020

We don’t want you to get a ticket because of a gorilla at the backseat.

Okay, the basic traffic rules are similar to the rest of the world. You shouldn’t drive if you drink alcohol; seatbelts must be worn, always use the signals even if there is no car around you, bla bla bla…

Nobody knows when a driver got a ticket because of the rules below, but still, we want to warn you before you honk someone else’s car horn.

Okay, let’s started.

In Alabama, driving a car while blindfolded is not legal. You know that the whole world drives while they are blindfolded, that is why Alabama needed this law.

In some states, tying a dog to the roof of the car is against the law. However, this law did not mention tying a dog in front of the car or behind the car!

You know being a waitress is hard, so please do not honk the horn after 9 p.m. where cold drinks and sandwiches are served in Arkansas. Otherwise, might get a ticket because it is illegal.

Girl driving

There are some laws definitely made by anti-feminists. In California, women should not drive in a housecoat. You have to change if you want to go to the supermarket by car. Also in Louisiana and Virginia, the husbands have to walk in front of the car waving a flag when the wives start to drive the car.

Did you get shocked? Wait, the USA is not done yet.


In California, you can get a ticket if you jump from a car going 65 mph. 60 or 70 mph seem still okay to jump.

You cannot drive if there is a gorilla in the backseat! You must know that it is illegal to have a gorilla in the backseat, you should make the gorilla sit in the front.

Do you like to read a newspaper sitting in the middle of the street? No, it is not legal. But you can try a book next time.

In Florida, if you tie a goat, an alligator, or an elephant, you need to pay for the parking lot. It seems like most of the Florida population has a goat, an alligator, or an elephant.

It is against law to honk someone else’s car horn. Use yours!

We think New Mexico is a highly competitive market for taxi drivers because authorities made a law that forbids taxi drivers to pull potential customers into the cabs.

And finally, it is illegal to shoot any game other than whales from a moving car, or motorbike in Tennessee.

Now, you are ready to drive appropriately in the USA. Drive safely!

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