Must Have Rental Car Features for a Road Trip

By Michel Miller – Advantage

Published by on Mar 28, 2020

If you are planning a fun road trip in the near future, you might be considering renting a car to head out on the open road. Regardless of whether you are journeying your way across your home state or are flying to a destination to embark on an iconic route, you must ensure you have the best transportation for your trip.

To ensure you pick the perfect vehicle for your adventure, here are the must-have rental car features for a road trip.

A Toll Pass

Tolls cannot only be inconvenient, but they can sneak up on you during a road trip and can drain your finances. As you are likely to drive across various highways when making your way across the country, you can simplify your adventure with a Toll Pass when hiring a road trip vehicle, which you can use on tolled roads, bridges and tunnels.

GPS Navigation

Losing your way along a route cannot only impact your schedule, but it can also turn a fun adventure into a travel nightmare you would rather forget. Ensure you are never lost on a fun road trip by renting a vehicle with GPS navigation.

Not only can it point you in the right direction to a destination, but it will ensure you embark on the quickest possible route so that you can make the most of a vacation with your family or friends.


Airbags are typical car safety features that every rental vehicle must-have, regardless of its size or rental fee. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires every vehicle to feature airbags as standard, and it is against the law to remove them.

Remember, accidents can happen when driving from A to B, so always make sure the make and model you choose features airbags when renting a vehicle.

A Reversing Camera

It can be easy to bump a car into another vehicle or object when reversing out of a parking spot. To prevent this from happening when on the road, pick a rental car that comes with a reversing camera, so you can see every potential obstacle in your way and quickly and easily maneuver the vehicle.

A Blind Spot Monitor

A blind spot monitor is one of the best car safety features in any vehicle. The vehicle-based sensor device will monitor lanes to detect any cars near either the driver’s left and right side, as well as at the rear, and it will notify them with either a visual, vibrating or audible alarm. As a result, they can easily identify obstacles on the road that they might have been unable to see.

Air Conditioning

Always pick a road trip vehicle that features air conditioning, especially if the temperatures are expected to be high along your chosen route. No driver or passenger will want to be stuck in a hot, sticky car when sitting in traffic, so you will be relieved to turn on the A/C to cool off and have fun with your road trip buddies. It is a must-have feature if taking a road trip across the likes of Florida or Texas.

Luggage Space

There is always one passenger who takes too much luggage on a road trip; however, the car you choose will determine how much room you have available in a trunk. For this reason, you should select a car that provides plenty of luggage space for both you and your travel companions. It will ensure you don’t need to leave items behind before setting off on a fun trip with either your friends or family.

A Smart Seatbelt Reminder

Many drivers and passengers often disregard their safety when in a car, which might be due to comfort or ignorance. If you want to ensure your friends, partner or children are protected at all times in a vehicle, rent a car that features a handy smart seatbelt reminder.

The system will ultimately remind a driver to buckle up when behind the wheel and it will also alert them when a passenger hasn’t buckled up or has unlocked their seatbelt.

Get Ready to Go

Think carefully about your needs when heading off on a road trip vehicle and then find a vehicle to match. For example, an SUV will always provide more legroom and trunk space in comparison to a compact or economy car.

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