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How Are Car Rental Companies Sanitizing Vehicles During The Pandemic?

How is dealing with vehicle cleanliness 

Have you thought about that? Is it really safe to get into a car that someone else used maybe a day ago, even maybe a couple of hours ago?

We wrote a whole article about this, just click here

You might be even asking yourself “Is it okay if I inquire about the car rental cleaning policy” ?

Yes, you certainly can! You can inquire about everything related to the COVID-19 particular procedures, from the materials utilized to the frequency of use.

You can also request documents to see when the automobile was lastly handed in; the longer the timeframe, the less infectious particles are likely to be in the vehicle, but usually, all cars are re-cleaned before being handed to the next customer.

As we stated on our CORONAVIRUS Statement published here, “We take COVID-19 very seriously at, and we expect all of our top-tier vehicle rental suppliers to be strict when it comes to vehicle cleanliness. This category includes the key, key fob, cupholder, steering wheel, center console, seat surfaces, dashboard, instrument, and accessory panels, door handles, and other high-touch areas of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. Some car rental companies now supply antibacterial gel, masks, disinfection wipes, and gloves for free, while others may charge you for these extra items.

If you want to be extra sure, disinfect the area most vulnerable to viral transmission with a disinfectant”.

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