Cookie Policy regards as a high priority the privacy of all visitors who access our website.

This Cookie Policy aims to inform all visitors and clients what exactly are and how we operate with cookies. And we speak for ourselves and our partner Car Trawler and right up front we want to advise all that these Policies can change in the future.

For starters, what are cookies?

They are little files that are stored on your computer as you use it, and their objective is to keep residual information of the sites you visit. That is why when you visit certain sites, it seems they “know” it is you and present you with specific information, such as banners. They also carry some information from the site you are now to the next, or within the same site.

When did cookies start?

If you are old enough, or are a history buff, you may remember one of the first browsers around: NETSCAPE. Back in 1995 they introduced it to track how users navigate the web, collect information of their habits – and the rest is history.


So, what kind of cookies will we use?

We will only use strictly necessary cookies, the ones that will help you to easier browse through services you have chosen in the first place, performance cookies, which collect anonymous information so we can track how clients are using our site, functional cookies, which are the ones that will “remember” your choices for the next time you visit us and Advertising cookies, which will help us send your way only relevant products, and leave you alone from annoying ads of stuff you have no interest.