Car Rental: Pickup at the Airport Or in City?

Car keysWhen traveling to a different city, it’s the smartest idea to rent a car for all your travels. Relying on public transportation or rides from friends and family can be a nuisance, so the best (and most convenient) option will always be to rent a personal vehicle.

While renting a car is a good call, a lot of clients are confused about whether they should schedule an airport pick up or just take it from within the city. If you are stuck in the same dilemma, keep reading to find out the advantages both locations offer.

Pickup from the Airport

Easy Pickup

This is kind of a no-brainer. If you get your rental car at the airport itself, you don’t have to drive to another location to pick up the car. It also helps you save up on expensive taxi rides from the airport. All you have to do is arrive at the airport, pick your car and drive off to your hotel or home!

Safer Option

If you’re new to a city, chances are you don’t know too much about how public transportation and ride sharing works. The last thing you want to do is sit in a car or bus with your luggage and risk losing your valuables. It’s all too common for tourists to be easy targets of mugging, so a personal car can help you avoid that risk significantly.

Larger Selection

It’s common knowledge that rental companies have a larger fleet available for customers when they opt for airport pickup. This could play to your advantage if you’re picky! You get to choose the best ride for yourself.

Pickup from City Location

Hotel sign.Extra Charges

In the US and several other countries, airport pickups cost a premium fee. The convenience comes with a price tag, which could be a bit over your budget. Most rental companies won’t offer you the same surcharge if you pick the car up from their inner city locations.

Closer to Hotel

Most rental companies expect you to drop your car off at the same venue where you picked it up from. If you plan to depart from a different hotel or will be heading off on a road trip, drop off can be incredibly inconvenient. Opting for a rental near where you live means you can drop your rental car off at a moment’s notice and won’t need to plan beforehand.

Book for Fewer Days

Even people who are out and about for vacations need rest days. When you pick an inner-city location, you can return your car for the few days that it won’t be needed, which can save you money!

What to Choose?

Both locations have their own pros and cons. However, the best way to determine which one works best is to compare prices and see how the pick-up location fits in your travel schedule. And if you pick a reliable car rental service like, you’ll be accommodated no matter what location you choose!

Contact us today for cheap car rentals in Houston, New York, Orlando, and our many locations across the US and the world!

Renting a Car When You Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand CanyonA trip to the Grand Canyon is an absolute must if you live or are visiting the US. The site is one of the most studied landscapes in the world and hosts nearly 5.9 million tourists every year!

So, if you’re planning on paying a visit to the Grand Canyon, it would be best to rent a car and make a road trip out of it. Not sure why? Here are some compelling reasons that will help you make the right decision!

A Great View of Arizona

When you reach Phoenix Airport, the trip to The Grand Canyon is nearly 3 hours and 40 minutes long. However, using this opportunity to get a closer look at the scenic sights of Arizona would make for a memorable road trip.

When driving to The Grand Canyon, you can take the historic Route 66 and get to see a lot of lovely sights near and dear to Arizona along the way. It’s way better than simply going on a straight route all the way to your final destination. This way, you get to make more memories on your trip.

Places You Can Access

When you get to The Grand Canyon, chances are it’s going to have a lot of people, and you might not be able to bask in the mighty glory of the majestic view before you. That’s where your rental car can come and rescue you and take you to some amazing drives only accessible with a private car.

Route 67

This route is located on the North Rim and is an approximately 30-mile drive through The Grand Canyon National Park. As you drive by, you’ll bear witness to stunning sights of nature and wild animals, which aren’t as easy to view from the main attraction.

Desert View Drive

Sunrise at South RimThe Desert View Drive is incredibly popular with tourists driving along their way to The Grand Canyon. It’s located on the South Rim of the canyon and is around 23 miles long, and has several stops in between. Each stop brings you in close view with the scenery and sights over the Colorado River. Made for sight-seeing, it’s open to tourists year-round and even has picnic set ups for families!

Cape Royal Drive

The southernmost view of the North Rim, Cape Royal Drive, is an amazing drive that overlooks the beautiful views of the North Rim. If you’re looking to skip the hustle and bustle of the main area and still get a close look at the scenic views, then this is the ideal route for you. There are even spots designated for tourists to stop and take stunning photographs!


Excited for your upcoming Grand Canyon road trip? We at can make your experience all the more exciting by offering you a comfortable ride. Compare car rental prices, book your cheap car rentals in Arizona and enjoy your trip to popular tourist destinations with ease. Contact us today for more information.

Traveling Safely During the Pandemic

With millions of people affected by the pandemic, life has come to a standstill for many. But not everyone can afford to stay back as their job requires them to move, often from one state to another. The CDC has provided detailed guidelines along with many local authorities dictating terms and conditions to enable people to travel.

forest-area-roadWear A Mask

Whether you’re traveling by your own vehicle, a rental or through public transport, wearing a mask over your nose and face is required. In some places, you might even be legally requested to put one on and refusal to comply may lead to action against you.

Woman wearing a mask at an airportDifferent states and legislations may have their own requirements and conditions, so it’s recommended that you look into those before you depart. People that are fully vaccinated are also required to keep a mask on to contain the spread of the virus.

Testing and Quarantine

Before you depart, it’s recommended that you get a viral test to ensure you’re not carrying anything contagious. At least one to a maximum of 3 days before leaving is recommended for the test. Once you reach your destination, another viral test is recommended, along with 7 days of quarantine. In case you’re around other ill people, it’s best to quarantine for 10 to 14 days.

People who test negative are also required to quarantine and follow SOPs accordingly. Anyone testing positive must quarantine for 14 days properly.

Stock Properly

If you’re traveling by your own conveyance, it’s important that you stock up properly on supplies. Food, fuel and water will be your main priorities, and it’s best to keep a proper amount on you. It will help limit the number of stops that you take at a gas station. As countless people visit gas stations every day, the chances of contracting an infection or illness are very high.

The same principle applies to any fast food joints. The goal is to limit interaction as much as possible to contain the spread.

Other Precautions

Any sanitary supplies such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants should be at hand during the trip. It’s optimal to clean any parts of the vehicle that you and others are regularly in contact with. Make sure to clean your hands before and after any trip. Keeping the windows down is a good idea as it helps with ventilation and stops any viruses from being trapped inside.

If you’re planning to travel to cities like Orlando, Huntsville, Chicago, Santa Barbara, and Sacramento, it would be wise to have a rental car as these are generally well-maintained for longer trips. Rental companies are helping ensure that SOPs are followed and proper care is being taken to maintain travel during the pandemic.

At, our goal is to help you find a quality rental car service that fits your need, providing excellent services at affordable pricing and can also help you compare car rental prices. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

The Great Car Rental Brands Can Be Found In One Place

If you want to compare car rental rates anywhere in the world without the hassle of having to visit each site, makes this easier:

4 Options to Look Out for When Picking A Rental Car

Choosing a rental car can be a difficult option, especially with the plethora of options out there. A single provider can make picking a package and a vehicle tedious, and then you have different companies to compare from. Here’s how you can narrow your options down and have a great time knowing you made the right choice that serves you well:

Rear seat view of carThe Size Factor

Why would anyone want to pick a smaller car in the first place? The answers are fairly simple. Larger vehicles take up more fuel, and because of their bigger size, they can be particularly hard to maneuver in some parts of the world. If you’re traveling with more than 4 people, you’d obviously have to take the trade-off for more people in the vehicle over some driving ease.

If you’re in an area with narrow roads and have difficulty finding suitable parking spots, a smaller vehicle could be the right option for you.


Rental car companies often offer a wide variety of upgrades on your current vehicle. These bump up the charges a little, but in various scenarios, they can be extremely handy. Common options include roof racks, booster seats, child seats and snow chains. For those that require any of these upgrades, they are helpful in difficult situations.

Make sure to discuss what upgrades your rental provider has and if you may require those on your trip.

Policies and Conditions

Rental companies don’t just let you take a vehicle and drive it around like it’s your own. Remember, they need it back in one piece, so they have terms and conditions set up which help ensure nothing goes wrong.

For example, most rental car companies have a full tank at return policy, where they expect you to return the vehicle with the tank completely full. They also provide you the tank filled up as well for your convenience. Some also prohibit people from smoking, with various charges if you fail to do so.


Between different rental companies, rates may vary drastically depending on various factors. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean the best service, and your goal is to go with the most positive reviews and benefits at a reasonable price. Better insured and well-maintained cars rack up a fair bill, so these services often charge more.

Other factors to pay attention to are the particular days you’re acquiring the vehicle, as rates are significantly higher on weekends and holidays as demand is through the roof. A larger vehicle is most certainly more expensive to rent out as well.

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Things to Have with You When Visiting A New City

Planning for a trip to a new place can be overwhelming, especially with all of the things that you have to take care of in order to have a great experience. Those that have traveled a lot will tell you about the dread you face when you remember you’ve forgotten something essential.

While you can’t always have everything, there are some essentials that make your life a whole lot easier when traveling, otherwise, you can always spare a bit of cash on something locally. Here’s what you should have when in a new city:

Essential Documents

If you’re going to a new city, it’s imperative to keep documents that can be used to identify you. A state-issued license, passport, or social security card should be on you. Any of these can be used in case anyone inquires about your identity. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of an accident, these come in handy to inform your loved ones know about your state and your location so they may act accordingly.

You would also benefit from keeping the information of your hotel and rental car service on your phone and wallet, both, so in case either goes missing, you have the relevant info you require.

Woman with traveling caseKeeping Spare Cash

Many people prefer to go cashless, especially with how popular credit and debit cards have become. There’s often the chance that a place or service you’re trying to pay for might not have cashless payment services available, and in a completely new city, you might not have any ATM nearby.

You wouldn’t want to be unable to make an essential payment, especially if it’s urgent. It’s always a good idea to keep some spare cash on you for small purchases, as it can come in handy at any time.


It’s certainly not always feasible to travel around in your own vehicle, as the expenses can rack up fairly high for the traveling costs alone. A convenient option is a local rental car service. You’ll be traveling a lot, trying to get a feel for the city, and experience anything and everything that’s unique to the area.

A rental car will help you get around quickly and without having to spend a ton on any cab hailing services. You’ll also save up on a lot of time spent in finding any available vehicles.Woman in a rental carPlanning to travel to some of the best cities of the States, including but not limited to Orlando, Huntsville, Chicago, Santa Barbra, and Sacramento? It would be wise to compare car rental prices and have a rental car booked to help you get around town, whether you’re in for an event or vacation.

At, our goal is to help you find a quality rental car service that fits your need, providing excellent services at affordable pricing. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

4 Must Visit Places in The United States

With a country as big as the States, it can get overwhelming to decide where you should visit. The goal is to find a select few that offer bang for your buck and a lot of variety. Here’s a list of some of the unique places in the US that should be the top ones on your travel list:


When you think of Miami, you think of the warm summer sun on a windy day at the beach or the strong Latin culture spread across its various cityscape and cuisine. From its Miami Vice-Esque views of Ocean Drive, the city has it all, especially a great variety of restaurants with their unique takes on the classics. One can enjoy the incredible arts and crafts scene spread across the city, with many museums and graffiti art sprawled on the walls.

Aerial view of MiamiMake sure you’ve got an auto car rental service booked, so you don’t stay stagnant in The Magic City.

San Francisco

When you say diversity, the city of San Francisco comes to mind. Each neighborhood brings its own unique culture to the area, making it an exceptional experience altogether, from high-rise commercial complexes to more laid back, homey designs. Beyond the typical regional food, you can find unique offerings of seafood like no other.

When you’ve had your iconic Golden Gate Bridge snap and seen the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, hop into a rental car to explore the city’s many museums, landmarks, and marketplace to get a real feel for Fran’s offerings.

Los Angeles

Listing everything that LA has to offer is an exhaustive effort. There’s practically everything in the City of Angels for you to enjoy. Incredible cuisine, ranging from local to international delicacies? Check. Some of the best entertainment areas, such as Universal Studios and the Santa Monica Pier, should definitely be on your list, along with the elusive Griffith Observatory awaiting your visit.

It’s recommended that you have transport when in LA, such as a car rental services in Los Angeles, because there will be a lot of traveling with so many places to visit that you don’t want to miss out on.


Come for the delicious cheesesteak; stay for the beautiful views. Philadelphia’s got a rep for its cuisine, and fair enough, it does live up to its name. But what’s often overlooked is the rich history, especially with regards to American politics; buildings of great historical significance are spread all over the city.

The high-rise cityscape of PhiladelphiaIt’s not all sightseeing, as the City of Brotherly Love also loves its fair share of arts and culture. Check out the various museums, theatres, and cinemas that Philly takes great pride in.

Find top-notch car rental services in major cities of the US, including but not limited to Orlando, Huntsville, Chicago, Santa Barbra, and Sacramento, among others. At, our goal is to help you find a quality rental car service that fits your need, providing excellent services at affordable pricing. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Renting A Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mask and COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made Americans dubious when considering car rental bookings. Now that the lockdown has ended, a majority of people are returning to traveling, but this time safety is their top priority.

Travelers now prefer regional and domestic trips in cars rather than enclosed airplane cabins due to social distancing factors. Let’s consider a few factors before hitting the road in a rental car:

Are rental cars clean and safe?

The overall risk of the car itself is significantly low since it’s an inanimate object. But it’s best not to touch your face, especially the eyes, mouth, and nose, after touching the car as a particular area that was previously contaminated may not have been wiped down properly.

The risk increases if there’s a potential rider in the vehicle who may have been infected. So, if you’re headed on a business trip with fellow passengers, you should probably keep the mask on.


What precautions do I take?

Well, almost all car rental companies have issued new cleaning policies themselves stating that the vehicle will be disinfected prior to handover. So, in addition to vacuuming and wipe-down, you can expect that all critical areas were hit with a sanitizer.

This includes the key, key fob, cupholder, steering wheel, center console, seat surfaces, dashboard, instrument and accessory panels, door handles, and other high-touch areas in the vehicle’s interiors and exteriors. A number of car rental companies now provide antibacterial gel, mask, disinfecting wipes, and gloves free of cost, while others may charge you for providing these additional items.

But if you want to be extra sure, you can disinfect the region most susceptible to virus transmission by hands with some disinfectant wipes, such as the window buttons, armrests, and dashboard, and back yourself up with some good hand hygiene.

Can I question the car rental cleaning policy?

Of course, you can! From the products used to the frequency of use, you can ask all that pertains to the COVID-19 specific protocols.

You can also ask for paperwork to see when the car was last turned in; typically, the longer the timeframe, the lesser the chances of infectious particles remaining in the vehicle.

Demands for rental cars are increasing in 2021, so your favorite car rental company or your desired vehicle may run out; plan and make reservations through Rental Cars 1. The car rental experience is now touchless; search, compare and book online.

So, why not book a cheap SUV rental for your family getaway in Houston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, San Diego, or San Francisco? Rates are starting at $12.99 only, for car rentals in Sacramento as well as other cities.

4 Things To Remember Before Renting A Car – Infograph

From inspecting the rental car before use to handing it back to the company. Here are 4 things to remember before renting a car;

Four Things to Remember Before Renting A Car

It is easy to forget some details that can make your life easier when renting a car. We overlook those things and if we had only paid more attention – and should anything go not as planned – at least we did our homework that will avoid headaches along the way.

Where will you pick up and deliver your rental car?

First and foremost – really, I cannot stress this enough – when booking online, make sure the pick-up address is the best for your trip. For example, we have some folks arriving at the airport every now and then, going to the chosen rental car agency’s counter to get their car, only to find out that their pick-up address is downtown. Beware, they are not the same. The guys downtown have your car waiting for you, they have cleaned it, filled up the tank, and can’t wait for your arrival; the guys at the airport never heard of you and might not even have the car you want in stock. And more, even if they do, it will be a different price, very likely a higher price once it will be a last-minute reservation from an airport agency, where prices are generally higher.

When you are in the process of booking your rental car at one of the first options is to choose your pick-up and return locations. Spend some time on this item, it is very important. We wrote a whole article about the best places to pick up and return your rental car, if on or off-site, and after-hours returns on this link.


Do your own mini car inspection before you drive off the lot.

With the key in your hands, just before you drive off, spend a few minutes inspecting the car the rental company just gave you. One can never tell, there could be a stain, scratch, dent, even a tear – even though our affiliate companies always check when they receive the cars and prepare the cars for the next users, but we are all humans and mistakes can occur. If you find anything that can be considered serious, by all means, get another car right there. If it is something of minor importance, take a picture on your cellular or film it to use later on if necessary.


Avoid driving on gravel or uneven surfaces. Prefer driving on paved roads if possible.

When you drive on an uneven, unpaved road, chances are you can damage the tires, and /or the vehicle, so avoid returning your car with a scratch or dent caused by gravel, for example. This is a common car rental company policy, so keep that in mind.


Make sure you know what your credit card already covers in insurance terms. Why would you double pay?

Most major credit cards offer the majority of the needed protection when you rent a car using them and declining the collision/loss damage waiver offered by the car rental company. Please make sure you check your card’s insurance policy. You can check here the Visa Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, and here you can find more information about Master Card’s policy.


Fill it up before you return it!

Remember this one. Car rental companies will overcharge customers to fill up at their facilities, so fill it up before you return the car, once the policy in almost all cases is to get a full tank, return a full tank. This way you will certainly save a few bucks.


At we try hard to live up to the expectations you have of us. We are and will always be a free car rental comparison site. We serve in over 45000 locations and have 1600 suppliers on board to give you the cheapest rates. You’ll be saving time and money!



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Things to Pack for A Road Trip

After being let out of our isolation quarters, the urge of wanting to go far out on a road trip has hit all of us differently since traveling in an enclosed airplane cabin is a lot riskier now. So, in case you’ve never been out camping before, you’re going to need to give this travel-tested guide a go.

Some of you may argue that if we missed something, we could pick it up on the way since you’re the sole controller of the journey, which gives you great flexibility. But beware that things cost thrice as much on the outskirts of town. So, unless you have the fortune to put at stake, you’re going to want to take this travel guide very seriously:


Your topmost priority should be your documentation; this includes your driver’s license, information regarding the car registration and insurance, and your international driving permit if required.

Next, you’d want to pack a roadside emergency kit that includes a spare tire and the accessories needed to change a flat tire, a spare car key, and a water-resistant flashlight. If you suspect there to be no gas station for long stretches, you’d want to squeeze in a quart of oil, wiper fluid, and a jug of coolant for your car.


You need a map. Google Map works great but understand this; you might lose service in some remote area, so you need a paper map for backup. You can’t always rely on spontaneous whims. As for your phone, you’re going to need a power inverter, phone charger, and phone mount to keep your eyes on the road. If you want to keep yourself entertained through the journey, arrange for some music.

Did you take the first aid kit out of the car? Well, stock it up and put it right back cause you’re going to want it in case of an injury or just a headache that sprung out of nowhere. If you suspect a bug invasion, tie in an insect repellant.

Woman carrying her luggage

Personal items:

You’ll need sunglasses, sunblock, and a sun hat to drive through the sun shining in your eyes, and a sleeping bag for the nights you’re going to spend out camping. Speaking of which, throw in an extra layer of clothing; weather changes tend to be drastic out in the wild.

What’s a party like without food and drinks? Stack up on your favorite snacks, beverages, and some water for the way. You’ll also need utensils, can openers, storage containers, and garbage bags. For your hygiene, keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, and a towel handy.


Have you booked a car yet? Compare car rental prices on Rental Cars 1. You can plan a U.S road trip with rental cars in Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, and Washington DC at the most reasonable rates.