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Can You Go Into Canada from the USA With a Rental Car?

Published by Rentalcars1.com on Apr 2, 2020 When you don’t have your own car, hopping on a bus or flying into Canada might seem to be the only option – but that’s not always the case. It’s ultimately up to the car rental agency whether or not you can drive a rented car into another country, […]

10 Things You Should Know about Renting a Car in Europe

By Julie / earthtrekkers.com Published by Rentalcars1.com on Feb 14, 2020 Having a car provides a lot of freedom and convenience when traveling through Europe. You can travel at your own pace, stop frequently to take in the view, and get to some places that are difficult to reach with public transportation. However, there are some […]

Brisighella: the hidden medieval village in Italy

By  Dan Flying Solo Published by RentalCars1.com on Feb 14, 2020 Brisighella might be nearly unknown to foreign visitors, that is unless they happened upon the word on the prized olive oil bottles it produces, but in this dreamy village of pastel-hued houses, rolling vineyards, tower-topped hills, and smiling faces behind gelato counters, I found […]

What you need to know before you rent a car

By Jessica Hann Published by RentalCars1.com on Feb 14, 2020 If you’ve never hired a car before, the process can seem a bit daunting. There is a lot of information to take in, and the rules can be different depending on which car rental company you have hired a vehicle with. We’ve asked some of […]

Tips for Renting Cars for Walt Disney World

By Tom Bricker   Published by Rentalcars1.com on Feb 14, 2020 One of the big dilemmas facing many people is if they should rent a car at Walt Disney World, and if so, how to save money when renting a car at Orlando International Airport. This post covers the pros and cons of renting a car for […]

12 Costly Rental Car Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

By Laura Lynch f Published by Rentalcars1.com on Feb 14, 2020 Renting a car is a universal issue for almost every traveler, no matter where you’re from or where you’re going. Sometimes you can get away with not driving, but if you’re going to see the countryside at all, you’re probably going to need to […]

Renting a Car in a Foreign Country

By Michael Miller Published by Rentalcars1.comon Feb 14, 2020 You might think that the biggest problem you’ll face when driving a car in another country is knowing which side of the road you should be on. It’s actually a little more complicated than that, and if you’re planning to rent a car while abroad, be […]