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From inspecting the rental car before use to handing it back to the company. Here are 4 things to remember before renting a car;

Four Things to Remember Before Renting A Car

It is easy to forget some details that can make your life easier when renting a car. We overlook those things and if we had only paid more attention – and should anything go not as planned – at least we did our homework that will avoid headaches along the way.

Where will you pick up and deliver your rental car?

First and foremost – really, I cannot stress this enough – when booking online, make sure the pick-up address is the best for your trip. For example, we have some folks arriving at the airport every now and then, going to the chosen rental car agency’s counter to get their car, only to find out that their pick-up address is downtown. Beware, they are not the same. The guys downtown have your car waiting for you, they have cleaned it, filled up the tank, and can’t wait for your arrival; the guys at the airport never heard of you and might not even have the car you want in stock. And more, even if they do, it will be a different price, very likely a higher price once it will be a last-minute reservation from an airport agency, where prices are generally higher.

When you are in the process of booking your rental car at rentalcars1.com one of the first options is to choose your pick-up and return locations. Spend some time on this item, it is very important. We wrote a whole article about the best places to pick up and return your rental car, if on or off-site, and after-hours returns on this link.


Do your own mini car inspection before you drive off the lot.

With the key in your hands, just before you drive off, spend a few minutes inspecting the car the rental company just gave you. One can never tell, there could be a stain, scratch, dent, even a tear – even though our affiliate companies always check when they receive the cars and prepare the cars for the next users, but we are all humans and mistakes can occur. If you find anything that can be considered serious, by all means, get another car right there. If it is something of minor importance, take a picture on your cellular or film it to use later on if necessary.


Avoid driving on gravel or uneven surfaces. Prefer driving on paved roads if possible.

When you drive on an uneven, unpaved road, chances are you can damage the tires, and /or the vehicle, so avoid returning your car with a scratch or dent caused by gravel, for example. This is a common car rental company policy, so keep that in mind.


Make sure you know what your credit card already covers in insurance terms. Why would you double pay?

Most major credit cards offer the majority of the needed protection when you rent a car using them and declining the collision/loss damage waiver offered by the car rental company. Please make sure you check your card’s insurance policy. You can check here the Visa Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, and here you can find more information about Master Card’s policy.


Fill it up before you return it!

Remember this one. Car rental companies will overcharge customers to fill up at their facilities, so fill it up before you return the car, once the policy in almost all cases is to get a full tank, return a full tank. This way you will certainly save a few bucks.


At RentalCars1.com we try hard to live up to the expectations you have of us. We are and will always be a free car rental comparison site. We serve in over 45000 locations and have 1600 suppliers on board to give you the cheapest rates. You’ll be saving time and money!



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